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Day Schools

One of the services we offer consists of a day together participating in activities related to horsemanship and workshops adapted to many different age groups, primarily between the ages of 3 years and 9 years and with the possibility of meeting the demands of older age groups, as we tailor our workshops to the age of each group that applies.

The duration of these would be about 5 hours.

If you would like to eat with students in our facilities it is possible to apply for this or to opt for the recreational area "La Jareta", which is very close to the Equestrian Center and has facilities for children to play and socialise together before returning home.


The team will be composed of a psychologist, therapeutic riding instructors, sports technician in riding, assistants and volunteers, all trained and with accredited experience.


  • 1. Horses from the Mariano Orta Equestrian Center
  • 2. Hygene and care team for the horses, root brushes, bruza, scraper,clean hull, strips, etc.
  • 3. Taskforce for horses: surcingle, mantilla, bridal, sweatshirts, halter block, working headstall, branch, guindaleta, whiplash, protective bandages.
  • 4. Safety equipment: helmets.
  • 5. Educational play materials: balls, cubes, rings, clips...
  • 6. Material for workshops: fruits, vegetables, oats, hay, clay...

The following example describes a typical 5 hour day including specific content. These sessions will be open to the request of schools in terms of content and time, attending to their curriculum needs and ages of the students.


Greetings, team presentation, identification of each student with personalized cards, explanation of the activity, create groups, see facilities and horses, explaining safety rules. There will be five groups of five students which will each rotate through the different workshops.


  • 10:00/11:00 Presentation.
  • 11:00/11:40 Workshop 1
  • 11:40/12:20 Workshop 2
  • 12:20/12:40 Break
  • 12:40/13:20 Workshop 3
  • 13:20/14:00 Workshop 4


  • 1. Clay: "Leave your print" recognize different known animal tracks and work with clay to create their own footprint.
  • 2. Garden: "Where does our food come from?" Know and identify the different fruits and vegetables they eat and plant some in the garden.
  • 3. Riding and horse care: Learning equestrian skills: It teaches kids how to clean a horse, different utensils used for cleaning, the parts of their body, the different types of food they eat, how to feed them. They will walk , trot and do exercises on horseback, always accompanied by a monitor.
  • 4. Soap making: discover the smells of nature and how to develop a natural soap.
  • 5. Gymkhana: promotes psychomotor development and play.

The needed materials for the realization of these workshops willl be provided.

In this day together we will work in general with the following social objectives: to develop social skills, to foster social relationships, to increase the ability to adapt to new situations and contexts and to promote personal enjoyment. Knowing the age, the number of students who wish to attend and the amount of time you wish to be in our facilities, we will create the perfect day, tailored to the needs of your students.

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Day Schools at Mariano Orta Equestrian CentreGroups of five students at Mariano Orta Equestrian CentreRiding and horse care at Mariano Orta Equestrian CentreWorkshop: Where does our food come from? at Mariano Orta Equestrian Centre


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