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Welcome to Mariano Orta Equestrian Centre,an ideal place to practice riding and activities related to the equestrian world.

Mariano Orta Equestrian Centre, is located along the “Río Tinto” and less than 800 meters from the historical town of Niebla. Visitors can enjoy riding on the 20 hectare farm or on neighbouring tracks. We cover 20 hectares of land and offer the possibility of enjoying riding in the countryside either on the tracks or around the farm, which is great for enjoying both riding and nature.

Mariano Orta Equestrian Centre offers a whole range of services, including stabling, horse training (and sports), a riding school, dressage and jumping instruction, professional course preparation for riders and horse breeding consultancy services.

Also, Mariano Orta Equestrian Centre is officially accredited by UNED for the practical portion of the Diploma in Equestrian Training Studies. Mariano Orta, the centre’s manager/proprietor holds this title.


Mariano Orta Equestrian Centre started in the 90s and its main aim was to accommodate a select number of clients interested in training their horses within the principles of classical riding in the midst of a regional boom for “Western Style”. 

In the south-west of Andalusia in the late 80s only “Alta Escuela” and “Doma Vaquera” were widely known and so-called ’military’ riding was confined to the armed forces.

Thus it was that in 1992 Mariano Orta Equestrian Centre opened its doors to serve the equestrian community, with a particular emphasis on the disciplines of Dressage and Jumping.

From its inception, the centre's philosophy has been to promote the sport of riding and the values implicit in it, which are: hard work, perseverance, discipline and above all respect for people and animals, as well as the sensitivity that is involved in contact with horses.

Another important objective is the knowledge of the principles of classical riding for both jumping and dressage as well as the treatment of riding as a sport suitable for all kinds of people (both amateur and professional).

Mariano Orta Equestrian Centre works towards promoting the sport from its roots covering all equestrian disciplines and providing guidance to people involved in the equestrian world. This is achieved by drawing on the cumulative experience of its director and staff.

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